The combination of the mechanical cell destruction and enzymes to deliver a revolutionary ‘wet extraction’ process for the extraction of oils, proteins and other value-added products from algae. The EU CIP Eco-innovation support program has been used to provide a route to commercialisation of this unique process resulting in the throughput capacity of up to 10 tonnes per hour and delivering results showing a 10 fold reduction in enzyme use and 4 fold increase in lipid/oils extraction from algae over a 2 hour period than current methods of oil extraction.

  • The technique works directly on raw algae material while still in aqueous solution
  • No de-watering step provides greatly improved energy balance and cost effectiveness
  • No organic solvents and no toxic waste products
  • Delivers high yields of target oils, sugars & proteins in a readily usable form
  • 100% natural treatment process which protects the integrity of the target products
  • Non-GM and suitable for food and feed-grade production